Back to the Future, Part III

Welcome to day three!  We’ve tabulated the stacks of syllabi, bought (most) our books, filled the beleaguered backpacks with a steady supply of school supplies and managed not to have a complete meltdown as the full enormity of our collective class loads have become apparent.  Congratulations, one and all!

On Like Donkey Kong

Thirteen days.  312 hours. 18,720 minutes.  The countdown to my fifth semester at Metropolitan State University of Denver has begun in earnest.  It’s that moment in a (well written & directed) film when the audience realizes the challenge that lays ahead for our hero.  There is plenty at stake and a plethora of people depending…

2015 Wasn’t Actually Too Terrible, Right?

I know.  I’m late.  My last name is DeLay.  What did you expect?  The Spanish Inquisition?  The answer is that nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!  (See Here For Help If You Do Not Get My Reference)


You read that headline right.  I’m crawling my way to the finish line.  And not in a fun, smiley, playing a game way.  This is a desperate crawl to escape the impending doom of a fiery explosion that’s on a four day countdown.  I spent my Thanksgiving break relentlessly working on essay after essay with…