In The Valley of Peace

Going back to school when you’re thirty three years old is an absolute adventure filled with a never ending basket of variables.  There’s stresses with money, loans and books.  There’s the fear of not being good enough or that you’ll fail to measure up against the younger versions you’re competing against in the classroom.  You also worry about getting into the game far too late or that you’ll lack the modern cultural understanding that permeates the halls.  Especially as a future teacher.  But none of that matters today because I’m on vacation.

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Driven To Redemption: A Review of Fury Road

“Oh, what a day… what a lovely day!”  It’s that line (and so many others) that are a part of the never ending roaring adventure that the latest Mad Max movie unapologetically takes you on from scene to scene.  It’s got a twisted little heart, this movie.  We open with our hero and his legendary car having things go so very wrong for him so quickly.  It sets in motion some extraordinarily brutal moments that illustrate for us the world Max and the rest of the cast have been living.  This movie is violent. It is dark.  And it is a bleak view of the post apocalyptic world that somehow through George Miller’s direction maintains the beauty of the landscape and those that are dragged through the dust that rests upon it.

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Peace For Our Time!

Neville Chamberlain will always be remembered for those words.  On his return to London in 1938 on a Friday in September the British Prime Minister returned from Germany with a piece of paper assuring everyone that there would be not be another War to End All Wars.  Well, we all know how that ended. World War II exploded shortly afterwards.  I feel a bit like Chamberlain right now as the semester’s been over for a few weeks.  I’ve had my grades returned (3.75 GPA!) and signed up for fall classes.  It feels faintly like victory but my mind knows.  The War isn’t over.

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How To Adult

I know.  When a 33 year old bachelor takes to his blog to pronounce an opinion on something there’s always a chance it’ll be a nothing burger filled with wild speculation sauce and empty positioning as a topping.  Here’s the thing – I think I’m right.  After fifteen or so years of learning how to be an adult I feel like I have some authority on this subject – and some advice to give to those who are bopping around in their young adult years.  And yes, I used the word “bopping”.  Don’t give up on me just yet.

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The Eye of The Storm

I’ve never been in a hurricane.  I’m not sure I’d ever have the desire to ride out one of those phenomena.  But I can attest to the experience of the Eye.  Hurricanes are terrible creatures of nature that show no mercy and give no quarter as they plow through whatever is in their path – be it man, land or ocean.  It’s similar to College Life in how it’s unending, unstoppable and unpleasant.  But there’s this mythical week of relief, relaxation and refreshment.  It’s Spring Break.  It’s like the Eye of the Hurricane where the wind stops, the heavens clear and those under siege come out for a moment.  I’ve been having my moment for a week now and let me tell you – it’s weird.

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Destroy All Homework!

There’s been a debate brewing, marinating and nearing the boiling point for a very long time – is homework in elementary school and even middle school helpful?  There’s been studies done that have opined that the type of homework we’re assigning to students isn’t helping for any number of reasons.  One is the lack of coordination between teachers with the amount of assignments as students go home with a pound of homework from each class putting the kids into the late hours of the day without a break because there’s so much work to be done.

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In The Thick of It

In the penultimate episode (‘Stolen Earth’) of David Tennant’s reign in “Doctor Who”, Rose Tyler returns to a Earth in chaos and under siege by the Daleks and their creator Davros.  She warps in and cocks her weapon and says, “Alright, now we’re in trouble. It’s only just beginning.”  I can relate to the most beloved companion of The Doctor.  I’ve warped into the middle of my semester and I’m under siege.  Not by Daleks but by something far worse.  12 credit hours.

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