In a Holding Pattern

Well.  How are you?  Good?  I’m fine.  No, really.  I’m great.  I’ve just been waiting, watching and wondering for the last few weeks.  You see, I had an MRI done on the 23rd of January.  And you know what they found?  A possible aneurysm.  Roll those credits, cameraman.

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Deep Breath, Part II

The post title refers to two things.  One – the original post from last semester.  It also is a reference to the opening episode of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in Doctor Who.  The episode is notable for many things but the one I love is the gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex stomping through Old London.  I regret that no […]

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Back To The Future, Part II

The second movie in trilogies is hit or miss.  Star Wars has one of the best.  Back to the Future is disappointing.  Lord of the Rings is acceptable.  Godfather Part II is timeless (let us not speak of Part III and Sofia Coppola).  Tomorrow begins my second full year in college.  And so I approach […]

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It Was A Very Good Year

**Warning – there’s one piece of adult language in this post. It is topical and serves a purpose.** I’ve been trying to work Ol’ Blue Eyes into a blog post for the last year and today – on the anniversary of my return to school – it finally came true.  You see, there’s a song […]

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In The Valley

Merry Christmas! I hope that the holidays were kind to you. They were beyond kind to me and I’m humbled at the gifts I was given. I got a big box of food from a local church. That may have been the best present of them all to be honest. As a continually broke college […]

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