Take the Last Train To Clarksville

Welcome to the latest and greatest place where I, Aaron DeLay, get to put my thoughts.  I’ve long needed a place to put my thoughts unrelated to my professional, academic and otherwise focused ventures.  After some contemplation, I’ve decided this will be the place.  And a fitting first post is my announcement of a hiatus from Twitter.  About an hour ago, an online compatriot of mine AaronRS tweeted this –

I’ve been struggling over the last few months to validate my staying on twitter. On one side, my #nevertrump passion has been fed by friends and countrymen who have made their stand known.  My political thoughts have traction and I am able to find people who are in the same situation as me.  On the other – everything else.  The inane controversies.  The outrage machinations.  The fights that hinge on both sides being unable to actually discuss, debate or discourse without naming names, curating curses or just acting like a gigantic jerk to each other.

There’s also the reality that Twitter isn’t the world.  There’s so much more out there.  And the sun is out here in Denver.  I love spending time with my girlfriend.  I also need to focus on school, the impending summer semester and everything else.  This little 140 character world doesn’t matter much in the big picture of my life.  And I think it’s time to give it a wide berth and focus on my life, those around me and the world I occupy.

So, hiatus.  See you…whenever.

With regards,

Aaron DeLay.