Writing the Unwritten

To write the unwritten – it’s a challenge I’ve been given in on my of classes. Most of my creative writing up until this point has been generally derivative of something else I started but never finished. It actually hit me as I was riding home on the light rail that the requirement that whatever we produce within class must be original and fresh – it was a bucket of ice water to the head. I’ve been rewriting, redoing, reinventing the same grouping of stories for the better part of five years or so – and I’ve never really struck out on my own.

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One Day More

At long last the day has arrived.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for a multitude of folks.  Freshman who were seniors just a few months ago will step foot into classrooms and start down the next road in their educational journey.  Books will be opened, notes will be taken and most of all – the future will begin to learn how to change the world in various small and big ways.

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Deep Breath

There are plenty of things that go through your mind as the days get closer and closer to a big event. Lots of wondering if this was the right call. Plenty of questioning if you chose the right area of study. And the doubts of whether or not you’ll fit in with the students in your classes. Going back and forth on if you actual have the intestinal fortitude to complete this journey. And ultimately it requires you to take all of those things and simply take a deep breath. These are the things I have to let go of – and walk into dealing with the stuff that matters.

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to teach, to learn and to become


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