The Next Big Thing

Welcome to the next experiment in my blogging life.  Last semester I returned to school after over 13 years since my first class after graduating high school.  And it was the most terrifying and amazing experience in thirty two years of being alive.  I was back in class.  Thankfully due to my school being a commuter school I shared a room with some younger folks (get off my lawn, by the way) but there was some balance in ages.  That helped me realize that I wasn’t the only one coming back to school.

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I’m going on an adventure!

There’s a scene in the first “Hobbit” movie – the scene where Bilbo Baggins realizes he needs to leave the Shire and go out on a proper adventure.  That this adventure will lead to a universe being created from one end of a book to the end of a third isn’t what matters.  What matters is that this little hobbit who enjoys his home and staying in it – and never leaving the comfortable confines of his community. He’s content.  Until a crazed wizard shows up with a cadre of dwarves intent on taking back their kingdom and then the real challenge for the once content hobbit begins.  He faces down terrifying battles, horrifying beasts of Middle Earth and a unsettling thought they might not make it back alive.

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to teach, to learn and to become


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